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1122 and disregarded entity Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1122 and disregarded entity

Instructions and Help about Form 1122 and disregarded entity

Hi my name is Ryan Fowler and today we're going to discuss limited liability basics so first of all why are LLC so popular well there's a few different reasons but one of the reasons is you can choose and depending on how you set it up you can choose an LLC to be taxed one of four ways it can be taxed like a partnership he beat acts like a disregarded entity or it can be taxed like a C or an S corporation now just so you know I'm going to explain the term disregarded entity a disregarded entity is an LLC or other entity set up so that its activities are treated directly as activities as if they were done by you but only for tax purposes for asset protection purposes it's still a separate legal entity but for tax purposes you and the LLC are treated as one and the same so what that means is that for example normally an LLC cannot hold an S corporation stock but if the LLC's ex is a disregarded entity it can hold S corporation stock without the s corporation being coming disqualified partnership disregarded entity and S corporation tax status those are all what we call pass through taxation meaning that the members of the LLC pay taxes for the LLC instead of the LLC itself but you can have your LLC file form with the IRS its form 8832 and it can be taxed like a c-corporation and then the LLP pays its only own taxes sometimes at a lower tax rate then you would normally pay and only only when two if or when distributions are made to you would you pay an extra tax sometimes people don't like the C corporation tax treatment because you...

FAQ - Form 1122 and disregarded entity

What is a consolidated group for tax purposes?
Consolidated Tax Group means any affiliated group (as defined in Section 1504(a) of the Code) that includes a Business Subsidiary, and any similar group of corporations that includes a Business Subsidiary and files foreign, state, local or non-U.S. Tax Returns on a combined, consolidated or unitary basis.
Is a consolidated tax return required?
The Internal Revenue Service doesn't require corporations to file consolidated tax returns with their subsidiaries, but it does allow them to do so. Before a corporation can file a consolidated return, it must satisfy certain stock ownership and voting requirements.
What kind of group can file a consolidated return?
Generally, affiliated groups may elect to file consolidated returns in lieu of separate returns. Affiliated groups are groups of includible corporations which are connected through stock ownership with a common parent which is an includible corporation.
What are consolidated groups?
A consolidated group typically consists of a head company and subsidiary members. During consolidation, subsidiary members lose their individual tax identities.
Can an S Corp file a consolidated return?
Because S corporations cannot be included in an affiliated group, an S corporation cannot join in the filing of a consolidated return.
What is a federal consolidated return?
Consolidated Return means any Tax Return with respect to Federal Income Taxes filed on a consolidated basis pursuant to Section 1501 of the Code.
Can a partnership file a consolidated tax return?
A partnership may not be included in a consolidated return, even if it is 100% owned by members of an affiliated group, since a partnership is not a corporation. However, a member's earnings that flow through from a partnership are included as part of the consolidated group's taxable income or loss.
Who can file a consolidated tax return?
A consolidated tax return is a corporate income tax return of an affiliated group of corporations, who elect to report their combined tax liability on a single return. The purpose of the tax return allows for corporations that run their business through many legal affiliates to be viewed as one single entity.
Who is required to file a consolidated return?
Each affiliated corporation must consent to file a consolidated tax return by filing Form 1122 and returning it along with Form 1120, the tax form for U.S. corporations. After that point, any new member of the associated group must join in the consolidated tax return.
Which of the following entities is eligible to file federal income tax returns on a consolidated basis?
Terms in this set (56) The right to file on a consolidated basis is available to a group of corporations when they constitute a "parent-subsidiary affiliated group."
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