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Instructions and Help about F 1122

Hey guys I have the Crandall 1122 TST here today and I wanted to go ahead and unbox it for you guys and show you what comes with this kit first off I just wanted to say thank you to Matt and obsessed garage this is actually part of his complete pressure washing system that he put together much thank you for that it looks to be a great system can't wait to get it and actually start using it I actually ordered it from him back in March and took about a month they were out of stock and you know Kremlin's making them you know as fast as they can I suppose so I got it about last week and just getting around to opening it today we're still waiting on a couple parts from obsessed garage foam cannon the extension one some of the other pieces to be able to make this thing shine but I wanted to go ahead and open this up and show you guys what comes in the kit and also - I hope you were saying it's pretty heavy this thing's pretty it was like 85 pounds or something to the FedEx store so have it open the air so quite sure what's inside one here everything that's to be okay looks like it's broken oh I didn't mention it didn't come just in this box it was actually our layer glass that wasn't closing it and on the top of the bottom there was about two inches of padding on both sides so good shock protection and flu nothing else another got damaged in the shipment we'll find out oh you're right now alright alright so take you down here and kind of show you what comes with it that was really everything that was in the box come along here and a couple attachments just like the regular nozzle yeah this one had like out and fan spray can like that the tips that you see on the front of your full gun m22 fitting and this one I believe it's probably that dirty odor nozzle same thing Applause the handle for the closed rail and like the bottom end of the cord wrap comes with a couple screws construction are what to do so I got my screwdriver here then go ahead and put on some of these pieces of ring it comes with three screws you have the there's a threaded one that is a fine pitch and then there's a course one there's two course ones so this one will go on corporal and then the other one is going to go on the hose reel there's also a lot of it comes with that and the washer goes to the final rated okay over here actually it's got a hex hex foam here and then this uh this is a hex shaped spit on there's not really any way to lock it on just goes.


What is the next term of the series? 198, 484, 792,? Explain, why your result is the most logical one.
What is the next term of the series? 198, 484, 792,? Explain, why your result is the most logical one. What are some of the most elegant, greatest Python one-liners? What are the best tricks you know and want to share? Will taking a personal check on my name from a client and depositing it to my LLC bank account pierce my corporate barrier? Google Interview Questions: Out of 12 balls, 1 is defective (either heavier or lighter)... On a beam balance what is the minimum number of tries required to find the defective ball? What do we know about the function of viruses in the microbiome? Is it necessary to eat a lot when you're training hard in order to gain muscle? Since beneficial bacteria exist, do beneficial viruses exist too? What is the next number in the sequence 16, 18, 29, and 49?
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